mother’s day is coming!

Don’t let Mother’s Day sneak up on you this year! It’s Sunday, May 8th and I’m going to put my full trust in you that you won’t resort to the big box stores for your greeting card needs. It’s not worth it. We’ve got cards for your mom friends, stepmoms, non-moms and all matters of regular moms. Need something even more specific? Let us know!

Lately, whenever a new holiday comes up, I’ve been trying to learn something about that holiday. Because as it turns out, a greeting card maker should really know more about holidays than the average person. Which if you’re me, is nothing. Turns out, it has some sad roots. It was founded for mourning women to remember fallen soldiers.  And when the holiday went commercial, its greatest champion, Anna Jarvis, gave everything to fight it, dying penniless and broken in a sanitarium. Pretty nuts, huh? Well, I think perhaps Moms should still be celebrated, so let’s go ahead and be glad things turned out the way they did, with over 122 million phone calls made to moms just in the United States on Mother’s Day.

So there’s your lesson of the day. Enjoy!

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Pretty Awesome Stepmom

Pretty Awesome Stepmom


Pretty Damn Awesome

Pretty Damn Awesome


Thanks for the Potty Training

Thanks for the Potty Training – a useful skill!


Of All My Friends...

Of All My Friends… don’t tell.


Favorite Kid

Favorite Kid – let’s not tell anyone else.


Favorite Mom

Favorite Mom in all the moms, ever.


Pretty Lucky to Have Me

Pretty Lucky to Have Me – obviously!


Really Crazy

Really Crazy – or is she still?


Mother's Day card

Wasn’t the Easiest Child (You know who you are.)


Mother's Day card

Best Thing Out of an Egg – Mom not much for cooking? This one’s for you!


— Your pals at Colette Paperie